LINEAR2 Granular Water Treatment

NSF_Mark_6-13Linear2 is Long Chain Polyphosphate manufactured specifically with a high P2O5 ratio in order to resist reversion or hydrolytic chemical reduction to orthophosphate. Linear2 is especially effective in high temperature water conditions and is functional over longer periods of time than standard polyphosphates or hexametaphosphates generally available on the market. Linear2 is specifically designed to successfully treat potable and non-potable water systems to furnish the following system benefits.

LINEAR2 Granular Functions:

  • Linear2 is a unique polyphosphate that is a specialty glass, with a P2O5 at the very high end of the range utilizing the benefits of a stable long molecular chain polyphosphate. This makes it especially useful in circulating water systems which must have a long shelf or use life.
  • Linear2 has 1/3 slower reversion rate compared with standard hexametaphosphate which makes it a more stable treatment and has longer use life.
  • Maintains water clarity through functional sequestration of minerals and scale control – resulting in fewer customer water complaints and reduced flushing requirements.
  • Reduced corrosion through cathodic “deadening” of the corrosion cell potential thereby inhibiting corrosion through out the water distribution plumbing.
  • Gradual removal and inhibition of existing mineral scale deposits and prevention of these formations in hot water lines and residential water heaters.
  • Since Linear2 is manufactured with highly stable protocol, the formulation of liquid concentration at the project site for injection remains effective over longer periods of time than standard phosphate treatments.

LINEAR2 Granular Chemical Properties:


Granular Form


Powders & Granules

Bulk Density….

79 Lbs/ Cubic Foot

P2O5% – Blended….


NA2O/P2O5 ratio ….


NSF Standard 60 Certified ….

Yes (since 1994)


Granular Form


Clean, White

pH of 1% Solution…

5.6 – 6.7

Specific Gravity…



4 lbs per gallon

NSF Max Potable Usage….

12.0 mg/L

LINEAR2 Granular Application & Dosage:

Linear 2 is a blended phosphate can be applied to a water system by a chemical injection metering pump once liquified with water. Linear 2 goes easily into solution with agitation in concentrations of up to 4 lbs per gallons of water. Typical potable water treatment dosages range from 0.75 to 3.75 mg/L and higher for non-potable systems. Linear 2 remains completely dissolved and clear throughout in your solution tank.

LINEAR2 Granular Packaging, Shipping & Handling:

Granular_packaging0703Linear 2 granular is packaged in 50 and 300 pound containers FOB Clearwater, FL 33760. The Linear 2 300 lbs size is shipped securely in a polyethylene bag inside a steel drum with a bolted lid and factory sealed with a tamper evident numbered security tag for your protection. The Linear 2 50 lb size is shipped in a polyethylene bag within a sealed 5 gallon UN pail. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for handling information: