LineClear Liquid (Non-Potable) Water Treatment

Applications Include:
Drip Irrigation Nurseries
Microjet Irrigation Greenhouses

LineClear Liquid Functions

LineClear 50 is a unique blend of specialized phosphonic acids and mineral sequestering ingredients manufactured to provide an overall water treatment mineral stabilization formulation for agricultural irrigation systems. The effective dosage rate for LineClear 50 is typically in the stoichiometric range of 1:100,000 meaning 1 gallon of LineClear 50 can generally treat 100,000 gallons of irrigation water. With this treatment ratio, LineClear 50 is a very cost effective remedy to many irrigation water quality problems.

LineClear 50 will inactivate or chelate minerals including iron, calcium, and manganese naturally found in irrigation water to prevent mineral precipitation and scale deposits from forming within the system that could clog microjets, sprinkler heads, drip lines, and pipe lines. This assures that valuable irrigation water will be available to the plants consistently and systemwide.  Because LineClear 50 is such an effective mineral chelant, another beneficial result is providing more available mineral uptake for the plants from the natural minerals in the source water.  LineClear 50 chelation and dispersion functions will also help to reduce the normal hardening of the soil to effectively assure precious water to find its way to the plant roots.





Bulk Density…

10.25 Lbs/Gal

DOT Shipping Classification…

Corrosive, 8 PGIII

UN Shipping Code …




Clear, Green color

pH of 1% Solution…


Specific Gravity…


NSF Max Potable Dosage ..


LineClear Liquid Application & Dosage:

LineClear 50 is applied to the water system by use of a chemical injector pump or peristaltic pump. Typical treatment dosage range from 1.50 mg/L – 6.0 mg/L but is generally fed at 2.5 mg/L. Approximately 1 gallon of LineClear 50 will treat 100,000 gallons of water at a 2.5 mg/L dosage. LineClear 50 is an extremely stable sequestering agent over a wide range of temperatures and pH. Please refer to the LineClear 50 MSDS for handling information.

LineClear Liquid Packaging, Shipping & Handling:

Liquid_packaging_cluster0202LineClear liquid is packaged in HazMat secured 5 gallon pails, 30 & 55 gallon poly drums and 275 gal totes, FOB Clearwater, FL 33760. The 30 and 55 gallon polyethylene drum is factory sealed with a tamper evident security cap for your protection. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for handling information: