SEQUEST-ALL EMC ® Liquid Water Treatment

NSF_Mark_6-13Sequest-All EMC WSF-20 & WSF 36 liquid is a proprietary blend of various high quality domestically (US) produced potassium phosphates, polyphosphates and stabilizers specifically formulated to maximize the sequestration of natural mineral ions especially iron, manganense. Sequest-All EMC Liquid is designed to successfully treat potable and non-potable water systems to furnish the following system benefits. Sequest-All EMC Liquid is uniquely designed to function effectively at high water temperatures and extended performance life.

SEQUEST-ALL EMC Liquid Functions:

  • Our most specifically designed mineral sequesterant of naturally occurring minerals (such as iron, manganese, calcium, etc.) found in potable and irrigation water sources. Sequest-All EMC liquid minimizes the potential for rusty and/or dirty water though out the water system.
  • Reduce mineral scale buildup (by sequestration / chelation and dispersion) on the interior surface of the water distribution system – decreasing tuberculation while increasing the carrying capacity of the system.
  • Maintain water clarity through sequestration and mineral scale control, resulting in fewer customer complaints and reduced flushing requirements.
  • Sequest-All EMC liquid is also a very effective deflocculant that breaks up aggregates into fine particles. This function helps to remove particles from surfaces to provide a cleansing action throughout the water system. It is an ideal treatment to use in Industrial cleaning operations.
  • Reduce the demand for chlorine because of the stabilization of minerals and reduction of scale deposits effectively improving disinfection throughout the water distribution system.
  • Gradual removal of exisiting mineral deposits, along with continual inhibition of existing natural minerals within the water system from developing scale deposits formations in hot water lines and residential water heaters.
  • Since Sequest-All® EMC liquid is formulated with highly stable ingredients, the treatment remains effective over longer periods of time than standard phosphate treatments.

SEQUEST-ALL EMC WSF-20 & WSF-36 Liquid Chemical Properties:







Bulk Density…

9.4 Lbs/Gal

10.8 Lbs/Gal

PO4% – Blended…



Freezing Point Temp…

-4oC (24.8oF)

-12oC (10.4oF)





Clear, Blue

Clear, Blue

pH of 1% Solution…

10.0 – 10.5

10.3 – 10.7

Specific Gravity…



NSF Max Potable Dosage ..

70 mg/L (by wt)

40 mg/L (by wt)

SEQUEST-ALL EMC Liquid Application & Dosage

Sequest-All EMC blended liquid potassium phosphate can be applied to a water system directly from the container and into the water system by use of a chemical injection metering pump. We do not recommend dilution of either concentration. Typical potable water treatment dosages range from 0.75 to 3.75 mg/L (calculated) and higher for non-potable systems.

SEQUEST-ALL EMC Liquid Packaging, Shipping and Handling:

Liquid_packaging_cluster0202Sequest-All EMC WSF-20 & WSF-36 liquid is packaged in 5 gallon pails and 30 & 55 gallon poly drums FOB Clearwater, FL 33760. The Sequest-All EMC WSF-20 & WSF-36 5 gallon pail is shipped securely using DOT packaging. The 30 and 55 gallon polyethylene drum is factory sealed with a tamper evident security cap for your protection. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for handling information: