LinePurge Liquid (Non-Potable) Water Treatment

Applications Include:
Drip Irrigation Nurseries
Microjet Irrigation Greenhouses

LinePurge Liquid Functions

LinePurge is a specialized blend of monocarbamide dihydrogensulfate, maleic homopolymers (MCDS), and specific stabilizers manufactured to effectively, and more importantly safely, lower the pH and alkalinity of water in agricultural irrigation systems. The purpose of LinePurge is to first eliminate existing mineral deposits from drip line piping and emitters, secondly to improve water penetration of high pH soils thereby improving soil quality, and finally to increase fertilizer performance. LinePurge can also be used as an initial cleansing treatment that can be injected at the end of an irrigation cycle and left within the irrigation system to dissolve the mineral deposits over a period of time until the new cycle restarts. For periodic treatment when added to irrigation water, LinePurge will react with bicarbonates in the soil by lowering alkalinity and improve water permeation into the soil. LinePurge is a safer and more ecologically friendly alternative to sulfamic, phosphoric, sulfuric, acetic acid and others typically used for clearing out mineral deposits.

The effective dosage rate for LinePurge is generally determined by titration of the irrigation water to a pH of approximately 2 and then fed at that concentration. Typical injection rate for most systems is 1:2000 and is an economic solution when considering that the treatment is a one or two time feed at the last hour or so of an irrigation cycle. Once the drip irrigation is cleaned of deposits, the system is flushed thoroughly and a maintenance dosage of LineClear at a 1:100,000 rate will keep new deposits from forming.

LinePurge has very low BOD (biochemical oxygen demand)/COD (chemical oxygen demand) values when compared to other acids. LinePurge is essential odorless – unlike most acids that have very offensive smell. But best of all – there are no mandatory governmental regulations that you must adherer to or forms required to fill out with the use of this product. LinePurge has the strength of sulfuric acid but is much less harmful to the touch. However, good safety practices are a must with any chemical additive but in comparison, LinePurge is harmless in comparison to other acids.





Bulk Density…

10.9 Lbs/Gal

DOT Shipping Classification…

Corrosive, 8 PGIII

UN Shipping Code …




Clear, Amber color

pH of 1% Solution…


Specific Gravity…


NSF Max Potable Dosage ..



LinePurge Liquid Application & Dosage:

LinePurge is applied to the water system by use of a chemical injector pump or peristaltic pump. Typical treatment dosage range to lower alkalinity and pH is from 1:1500 to 1:2000 and can be injected at the end of an irrigation cycle for irrigation system cleaning. For soil or turf treatment, LinePurge will interact with minerals in the soil to lower alkalinity and improve water penetration. Therefore more water and minerals are available for uptake by plants and turf. Consider our LineClear as an ongoing maintenance treatment to prevent new mineral deposits from developing. LineClear treatment dosage is typically fed at a rate of 1:100,000 and is an extremely stable sequestering agent over a wide range of temperatures.


LinePurge Packaging, Shipping and Handling:

LinePurge liquid is packaged in HazMat secured 5 gallon pails and 30 & 55 gallon poly drums FOB Clearwater, FL 33760. The 30 and 55 gallon polyethylene drum is factory sealed with a tamper evident security cap for your protection. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet for handling information:Liquid_packaging_cluster0202