Municipal Water Treatment Formulations


Sequest-All Blended Poly/Orthophosphate
Sequest-All EMC Blended Polyphosphate
Protect-All Blended Ortho/Polyphosphate
Linear 2 Long Chain Linear Polyphosphate
All of our Municipal Water Treatment formulations are produced using ingredients supplied from US domestic manufacturers only – and our products are Certified and Listed with the National Sanitation Foundation Standard 60 for safe use in Potable Water Systems.


Our Proprietary Water Treatment products are designed to provide the following functions within your water system:

Mineral Sequestration / Chelation:
When a water source, whether it is from a ground well or surface, contains natural minerals in excessive levels, such as iron, these mineral ions can quickly precipitate and create discolored water (see picture to the left). However, a easy and economic solution is to apply one of our water treatment formulations. Our water treatment will combine with the reactive sites of these minerals on the molecular level to stabilize and prevent them from precipitating. The bond is so tight that the mineral is kept under control indefinitely even under high temperature water conditions. Because the natural minerals are sequestered with our treatment, scale deposits will not develop on the interior surfaces of the water distribution system piping. In fact, our treatment can gradually remove existing mineral deposits without any impact on water quality or clarity.


Mineral Scale Prevention & Removal:
When you successfully sequester the natural minerals in the water as discussed above, mineral deposits are prevented from forming. However, an additional function of a quality and stable sequestrant is the ability to gradually remove any existing mineral deposits in the system. At a typical dosage rate, our water treatment will dissolve the mineral buildup at a steady ongoing rate until this mineral buildup is cleared from the system. These deposits can elevate the potential for discolored water and consumer complaints. Therefore the system will be less likely to produce discolored water problems while opening up the interior pipe and increasing the carrying capacity of the system. And, of course, the potential for biofilm formations are greatly reduced with a clean deposit free system able to receive proper disinfection.


Internal Corrosion Inhibition:
And finally, once the interior surfaces of the distribution system is clear of mineral deposits, from mains to residential lines, our water treatment will deposit a thin coating on these surfaces to safely put a barrier between the pipe surface and the water. This coating greatly reduces the potential for internal corrosion to occur. This coating is non-accumulating and is created in a uniform manner to provide smooth and even protection. Because some internal pipe corrosion cells are developed in an electrochemical process of anodes and cathodes that produce pitting corrosion, our water treatment formulations include anodic and cathodic ingredients that effectively “deaden” the potential for these electrochemical cells to form thereby reducing this opportunity. This is especially helpful in maintaining excellent corrosion control for the requirements of the US EPA Lead and Copper Rule.